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Who We Are

Real Estate Investors & Value Creators

Greybrook actively invests equity on behalf of individual and institutional investors in large-scale real estate developments. Playing an active management role, we collaborate alongside our roster of top-tier execution partners to drive results. Our growing North American real estate investment portfolio includes more than 70 million square feet of projected density with an estimated completion value of over $38 billion and includes notably, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences Miami, 138 Yorkville – ultra luxury residences, and our Society Living platform, an innovative approach to purpose-built Class A multi-family.

Pioneering Advancements in Human Health

Our management team has built a reputation for identifying business opportunities that reside at the forefront of change and the advancement of human health (more on Greybrook Health). Through an exclusively principal investment strategy, Greybrook has made notable investments in Greenbrook TMS (NASDAQ: GBNH, TSX: GTMS), a leading provider of TMS therapy, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and other mental health disorders founded by Greybrook with over 125 clinics across the U.S., and Delos, the pioneer and global authority on the health and wellness of humans in the places where we live, eat, sleep and play, and the founder of the International WELL Building Institute and WELL Building Standard.

The Strength of Greybrook Lies in Our People

Embodying our culture of integrity, professionalism and excellence, our talented team of dedicated industry professionals are dynamic, analytical and entrepreneurially minded. We consistently strive to achieve the best outcomes for our investors, partners and stakeholders.

Meet the Team


Greybrook <p>Partnership</p>


Great partnerships are at the core of our success. We strive to create a truly integrated relationship with our investors and execution partners, which allows us to see the world from several different perspectives, properly align interests and inspire action to create meaningful value and achieve outstanding results.

Greybrook <p>Leadership</p>


We lead by example and through an unwavering commitment to success. We endeavour to rise above challenges and work through adversity and inspire others. We operate with integrity and with respect for all of our partners, team members and community stakeholders.

Greybrook <p>Entrepreneurship</p>


We seek opportunity and consider ourselves to be problem solvers and value creators. We are inspired by the idea of “creating” and achieving our goals by harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists within our ecosystem of team members, execution partners and industry professionals.

A Respected &
Well-Connected Ecosystem

Our entrepreneurial spirit, partnership approach, years of in-field experience and our ability to demonstrate leadership and success have enabled Greybrook to attract and retain game-changing professionals, execution partners and a strong network of industry relationships that together create an unparalleled ecosystem. The strength of our networks have helped fuel our growth and drive successful results in new markets and across new asset classes and business ventures. For nearly two decades, our commitment to partnership both internally and externally has given Greybrook a competitive edge that has directly translated into numerous business successes.

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We see opportunity from a different lens.

From ideation to execution, we bring a unique perspective that expands possibilities and influences outcomes to deliver results for our investors.

Greybrook Sasha Cucuz
Sasha Cucuz
CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc.
Partner, Greybrook Capital

Our business is personal.

It has been built on strong relationships, respect, a feeling of mutual accountability to our investors, our partners and each other and our ability to work together to create value in our businesses and projects by playing an active role in the execution.

Greybrook Peter Politis
Peter Politis
CEO, Greybrook Realty Partners Partner, Greybrook Capital

Leadership and talent are the keys to success in any business.

I am immensely proud of our teams, the leadership, integrity and enthusiasm demonstrated at all levels that have allowed us to make a meaningful impact in the health care sector and through real estate investments in Canada and the U.S.

Greybrook Elias Vamvakas
Elias Vamvakas
Chairman, Greybrook Capital

Behind Growing

Delos is a global wellness pioneer that is working with organizations and industry leaders around the world to improve the health and wellness aspects of their buildings and indoor environments to positively impact the health outcomes of people in those environments.

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Society Living is a unique and innovative platform which constructs and manages “Class A” multi-family assets in select U.S. cities. Society takes a unique and market leading approach to apartment living with a community-driven mindset.

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Greenbrook TMS (NASDAQ: GBNH, TSX: GTMS) is a leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and other mental health disorders in the U.S.

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A rapidly growing asset management firm, Greyspring Apartments acquires, manages and strategically repositions multi-family assets across growing and stable markets within Canada.

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Greybrook invested in Delos, a New York based wellness real estate and technology company and partnered to establish its presence in Canada through the formation of Delos Canada. The firm’s mission is to help Canadian businesses, real estate owners, and the public sector advance human health and well-being through more thoughtful design and improvement of the buildings and interior spaces we inhabit every day. We play a critical role in supporting the Delos Canada team in working with the real estate development community, leading Canadian business and all levels of government to help implement Delos’ evidence-based productions and solutions in offices, schools, long-term care facilities, public venues, and new residential communities across Canada.

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Together with our partner, Property Markets Group (PMG), Greybrook is redefining urban living in the U.S. through our Society Living platform of Class A multi-family developments. We actively design, develop and manage thoughtfully designed “Class A” multi-family developments. Society Living is a growing national platform of socially-focused apartment communities that offers the growing urban renter population a broad and engaging social living experience within major urban centres across the U.S. at attainable price points.

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Operating through 128 company-operated treatment centres, Greenbrook TMS is a leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy in the U.S. TMS Therapy provides local electromagnetic stimulation to specific brain regions known to be directly associated with mood regulation. Greenbrook has provided more than 620,000 TMS treatments to over 17,000 patients struggling with depression. Since founding Greenbrook in 2011, Greybrook continues to play a key role supporting management and helping to unlock the firm’s growth potential through our deep expertise in commercializing health care services.

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Greyspring Apartments was founded in 2018 by Greybrook and partner, Marlin Spring, to leverage our collective expertise in residential development to create value through the acquisition of existing multi-family assets. Our goal is to efficiently and strategically improve the quality of our rental communities, and provide an enhanced living experience for our tenants. We provide strategic leadership and hands on oversight, helping to grow Greyspring’s expanding portfolio of more than 2,200 units and over CAD$495 million in assets under management.