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Sasha Cucuz

Greybrook Sasha Cucuz

CEO Greybrook Securities Inc.
Partner, Greybrook Capital

As the CEO of Greybrook Securities Inc. and along with his partners, Sasha is responsible for leading the firm’s capital markets and real estate investment strategies. Under his leadership and on behalf of its L.P.’s in over 30 countries, Greybrook’s portfolio has grown to include more than 100 multi-family and residential development projects and over $30 billion worth of estimated completion value. Sasha co-chairs Greybrook’s Investment and Project Advisory Committees which are responsible for approving new acquisitions and actively managing all existing project partnerships.

As the former President of Greybrook Health, Sasha also played a key role in several portfolio acquisitions including MacuHealth, Bruder Healthcare and TearLab, as well as the launch of Greenbrook TMS (NASDAQ: GBNH; TSX: GTMS), a leading provider of TMS therapy, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of a major depressive disorder. In 2020, he led the launch of Delos Canada, as well as Greybrook’s investment in Delos Living, LLC a global leader in the health and building sciences.

Sasha’s directorships include representation on the boards of Greenbrook, Greyspring Apartments and Delos Canada. In January 2022, Sasha was appointed to the advisory board of Northland Properties, Canada’s largest privately-owned hospitality company which owns well-established brands such as Moxie’s restaurants, Sandman Hotels and the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

Charitably, Sasha serves on the boards of the Greybrook Foundation and the Blu Genes Foundation.

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January 26, 2021

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COVID-19 Conversations: Record Sales and Rental Demand Dips – How to Make Sense of the Market Dislocation

November 19, 2020

With more than 60 active projects in various stages of development across the GTA and South Florida region, navigating the current global pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has been a lesson in adaptability and focus.  As the economy began…

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October 28, 2020

Tune into a recent episode of popular The Your Life! Your Terms Show! podcast as Greybrook Securities Inc. CEO, Sasha Cucuz shares insights on what he’s seeing in today’s real estate market. Looking beyond the current headlines, Sasha discusses immigration…

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October 9, 2020

In a recent episode titled The Art of Delivering High Quality Real Estate Investment Opportunities on the Gower Crowd podcast, founder and host Adam Gower invited Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., on as a leading real estate professional to…

CEO Sasha Cucuz Expert Panelist in Live Real Estate Debate

September 29, 2020

Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., was recently invited to take part in Smart Density’s live webinar debate ‘Family -Friendly Condos in Toronto: A Pipe Dream, or a Missed Opportunity?’. As an expert panelist Sasha debated in opposition to Naama…

Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., Talks Pandemic and New Homes Sales

July 23, 2020

Earlier this week Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc. was invited to participate in the Real Estate Forums’ Land and Development 2020: Education Series.  Sasha spoke as an expert panelist on the session New Housing Markets Coast To Coast: How…

COVID-19 Conversations: 100 Days Since Lockdown Began – Where Are We Now?

June 29, 2020

 As governments begin to lift restrictions and reopen the economy, it is an opportune time to take a look back at the first 100 days of COVID-19 lockdown measures and the impact it has had on the real estate development industry.  In our latest webisode of COVID-19 Conversations, Greybrook…

COVID-19 Conversations: The Impact on Real Estate Development with Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities

April 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on nearly every country, industry and individual. In the world of real estate development and for owners of real estate, the implications of policy measures implemented by all levels of government in…

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